The NAC is happy to offer a paddling experience for all levels! If you aren’t quite ready for a highly competitive paddling team, then we would like to offer our recreational paddling program to our members!

You will get the full paddling experience you would as if you were on the team, except for all the racing. Learning how to paddle, the basics of the sport and the culture behind the sport. You will have the opportunity to race in select races if you would like to.

For non racers, your dues (on top of membership) include: trailer, coaches compensation travel plan, maintenance, repairs, insurance, launch fuel and program facility fee.

Contact:  Gordan @ 714-803-4000 or Kelly Thompson for more information


Tuesday/Thursday – 5:30pm

Saturdays – 8am

Right now our dues include canoe maintenance, insurance, and our NAC Facility Fees. You can also pay for your NAC membership if you are not currently a member. ALL PADDLERS MUST BE NAC MEMBERS. 

Season Cost: $455 + membership dues