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Newport Aquatic Center Learn to Row Summer Camp 2023 Enrollment is Open!

In rowing, a novice just means 1st-year rower. Freshman, sophomores, juniors or seniors can all be a novice. It’s never too late to start – even incoming seniors have found their college sport! This two-week camp is a great introduction to the sport for those interested in joining NAC’s Rowing Team and those that want to try a fun summer sport. Participants will be taught boat safety and handling, introductory stroke technique, and the importance of rowing as a team.Each camp runs two weeks. After finishing the Learn-to-Row Camp and with the recommendation of their coach, students can join the Intermediate Rowing Camp. It is extremely beneficial and necessary that the two weeks are completed together.

Experience: None
Necessary Age: Incoming 7th grade to 12th grade
Price: $400 There is no pro-rating of fees for partial attendance due to absences or inclement weather.
Bring: Shorts, T-shirts, running shoes, windbreaker, and sunglasses are recommended

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