The Newport Aquatic Center is a Membership Facility with Hourly, Monthly and Annual Memberships available.

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Hourly Memberships
/ Rentals

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Monthly Memberships

Non-committal  (does not renew)
FAMILY MEMBERSHIP $125 / month Includes 1 or 2 head of Household adults & children 7yrs to 17 yrs at same residence.

Use of any club equipment: kayaks, stand up paddle boards, surfski’s, outriggers, and rowing shells, weight room, rowing machines, locker rooms.

Rowing Shells require at least one paid lesson before use.

Please ask Staff for more details.

Annual Memberships

FAMILY MEMBERSHIP $835 / year  Includes 1 or 2 head of household adults & children 7 yrs to 17yrs at same residence.

Use of any club equipment including kayaks, stand up paddle boards, surfski’s, outriggers, and rowing shells, weight room, rowing machines, locker rooms.

Rowing Shells require at least one paid lesson before use.

Annual Memberships are a 1-year contract with an early termination fee (equal to your balance due).

Please ask Staff for more detail.

Boat Storage

Limited boat storage is available to NAC annual members only at an additional cost.
– Outriggers/Surfski’s/SUP’s/Kayaks: $540/year
– Single rowing shells: $804/year
Boat storage is only available to NAC Members.  Boat storage prices are in addition to your membership.
Please ask Staff about availability

Membership Cancellation and Change Forms

Membership Cancellation Form
Membership Change Form
Boat Storage Cancellation Form

We must receive a signed cancellation form to stop your membership.

Download form, fill out and email to

Form may also be mailed to:

Newport Aquatic Center
Attn: Malia Hohl
1 Whitecliffs Drive
Newport Beach, CA  92660

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the best time to come kayak/SUP?

The best time to come is when the wind and tide are most calm, which is typically in the morning.

Please always check the weather conditions prior to coming down, you may check with any online weather service or simply call us!

How do I cancel my membership?
Annual Members:

Annual memberships automatically renew after the first year; members who pay in full will receive an invoice prior to their renewal date, members who are on auto debit will automatically be renewed after the year is up.

The annual membership is a one year contract, once your year is up you are able to cancel anytime. To cancel your membership, you must fill out a cancellation form located online under “resources” or “memberships”. You may also fill out the cancellation form at the front office at NAC.

Monthly Members:

Members who signed up for the monthly “no-contract” memberships will have no automatic renewal. Monthly membership are a one-time flat fee; members are responsible for paying again if they wish to continue their memberships.


What are you hours of operation?
Membership Facility Hours:

Monday-Thursday 6am – 8pm

Friday 6am – 7pm

Saturday & Sunday 6am – 6pm

Rental Hours:

Monday – Thursday 7am – 4pm

Friday 7am – 3pm

Saturday & Sunday 7am – 3pm

Is there a swimming pool?

There is no swimming pool. We use the Upper Newport Back Bay as our water source.

What are the membership benefits?

When you join as a member, you get full access to the facility including: kayaks, SUP’s, outriggers, surfskis, rowing shells, the weight room, the locker rooms and the rowing machines

Who is included in the family membership?

The family membership is considered the immediate household: 2 heads of house, and kids aged 7-18. All family members must sign a liability waiver upon joining.

Are there lockers and showers available to the public?

No. As a membership facility, our locker rooms are available to our members only. We have public restrooms available and a key rack for your car keys.

If I am a member, can I have a guest come with me?

We do not have a guest policy. All guests are required to rent kayaks and SUP’s at the normal rental rate. There are no non-members allowed on our member only equipment (sculls, outriggers, surfskis)

Can I reserve kayaks/SUP’s for an event?

No, we do not do any reservations for our kayaks and SUP’s. however, we do offer reservations for our outriggers. Please refer to the tab “things to do” on how to inquire reserving the outriggers for group events.

Do you allow dogs at your facility and on your equipment?

Yes, we are a dog friendly facility. Dogs are allowed on our kayaks only, not SUP’s.

Notice: All dogs must be on a leash and accompanied by the owner at all times. The beach in which we are located, follows normal public beach rules, which indicates no dogs between the hours of 9am-5pm. As long as you are using our facility, it is okay.

Is there an age limit to go on the kayaks and SUP’s?

Yes. To be on the kayak all participants must be at least 7 years old, even if going with a parent. To be on the SUP’s all participants must be at least 14 years old and only one person per board is allowed

Do you offer reservations for rentals?

No, all rentals are at a first-come-first-serve basis

How much are kayak and paddle board rentals?

Single kayaks $15/hr, double kayaks $20/hr, SUP’s $20/hr

Do I have to be a member in order to rent?

No. we are a membership facility, that offers rentals on the side.