Paddlers and rowers of every age and level of ability use the NAC to sharpen their skills in rowing, canoeing, outrigger canoeing, and kayaking.

Indoor Rowing with Sarah Daum
This is a full body workout! Like a spin class but on a rowing machine.
Get fit on the ergs at the NAC using the mechanics of rowing to get a great work-out. You will have fun shaping up with high energy work-outs done to music.

Where: Boat bays 1 & 2
When: Monday, Wednesday & Friday – Instructor: Sarah Daum
(includes weight work-out)

Time: 9 am (work-outs approx. 60 min)

Cost: An NAC membership is required and an additional fee of $10 a month to join this class.

Guests: $5.00 per session