Single kayak: $15/hour     Minimum age: 7
Double kayak: $20/hour   Minimum age: 7
Stand Up Paddle Board: $20/hour    Minimum age: 14 (1 person per Board)

  •  All Kayaks & SUPs are first come first serve.
  •  There are NO Reservations or Group Rates.
  •  Each person must sign a Release of Liability waiver and leave a Current valid Driver’s License.
  •  Life Jackets required to be worn by everyone on kayaks and on SUP’s (14-17 yrs)
  • Everyone must wear a leash paddling a Stand Up Paddle Board
  •  Anyone under 18 yrs must have someone 18 yrs or older on the water with them.
  •  Fishing is not allowed on any of our Kayaks or SUP’s

NAC Rental Hours:

Weekends (Saturday & Sunday):

7am-3:45pm all equipment must be back off the water by 5pm

Weekdays ( Monday – Thursday):

7am – 4:45pm all equipment must be back off the water by 6pm


* The NAC’s rental hours are subject to change due to weather*

WE ARE KAYAK DOG FRIENDLY  ~  Due to safety, dogs are NOT allowed on our SUP’s. All dogs must be on a leash.  Thank you and Happy Paddling.

NAC Kayak / SUP Rules and Safety Video