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NAC | WAO Adventures are one, two and three day experiential programs centered around one or two ocean-based activities. Whether traveling via sailboat, canoe, SUP, outrigger or kayak, our participants will receive personalized training in the basic technique of each sport before and during each activity. The deep engagement in nature and sport, combined with the opportunity to witness the inspiring progress of fellow cancer patients and survivors provides an incredible context of healing and possibility. We provide tasty and nutritious communal meals throughout these adventures while the participants reflect on their respective journeys and setting a course toward the future.

Next Camp: September 30 – October 3, 2021


Annually,1st week in October at Whites Landing, Catalina Island

From the moment they depart Newport Beach for Catalina, the Newport Aquatic Center’s “Camp We Are Ocean” transports and transforms participants through its carefully curated menu of activity, challenge, community, and healing. Amidst the extraordinary island wilderness of Catalina Island’s, young adult cancer survivors embark on a journey of adventure and discovery, as they learn and practice a diverse array of expertly guided ocean activities. Through surfing, diving, paddling, fishing and sailing, participants discover new sensations and abilities, unlocking a sense of possibility and capacity, cementing and contextualizing the lessons back on land through guided reflections, restorative yoga and meditation. Along the way, through connection and shared stories with fellow survivors, participants will be reminded that while the journey through cancer is arduous, the burden of experience, and the challenge of growing beyond it, is not theirs to bear alone. While the accommodations are rustic (canvas tents on wooden platforms), the sense of understanding and support brings a comfort and security that even the most luxurious hotels can’t match. Participants return to shore, and their daily lives, with a renewed sense of purpose and possibility, new friends and hopefully some healthy new habits, that they can carry with them through the remainder of their lives. If you or a loved one are a cancer patient or survivor between the ages of 21 and 39, we invite you to apply to attend Camp We Are Ocean. Please be prepared to provide a note from your oncologist that it is safe for you to do so.


Because we believe that healing and growth are best done in the community, participants are encouraged to fundraise $1000 to pay it forward to a future cancer survivor to help cover the costs of the camp experience ere appropriate. You can ask for donations to be made out to the Newport Aquatic Center on your behalf.

NAC | WAO Application

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