As NAC’s board president, it is my responsibility to further the organization’s mission and successes by working collaboratively with key stakeholders, leading the board through difficult issues and having the ability to communicate, listen and seek input.

As our monthly board meetings have become more populated, we find ourselves in a place where a more structured environment for meetings will benefit our board business needs and our ability to hear and converse with our patrons and public.

Beginning at the next board meeting, we’ll be following a structured protocol for the meeting and all meetings to follow. This will provide for professional and appropriate climate for conducting NAC Board business. These protocols are the generally accepted process for Board meeting decorum and will allow for an effective meeting while allowing time for comment and response which helps promote the best interest of the NAC through a public forum setting.

I am hopeful that these protocols will help us to conduct our business in a professional and respectful way. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns and I’d be happy to speak with you.

Bill Grant

Please review the below attachment for NAC Board Meeting Protocol

NAC Board Meeting Protocol & Decorum