NAC Men on Water Team

The NAC currently offers a new Master Men’s Rowing Program.  All that is required is that you have a current NAC Annual Membership to be able to row with the Team.

The NAC Men’s rowing group is a recreational rowing program.  If it isn’t fun, we have no interest.  We participate in a few select regattas if they are easy to attend, and if the venue is an area which we wish to visit.  Our favorite regatta is the Wine Country Classic, which needs no explanation as to what drives our interest.  Our group consists of men of all ages from recent college graduates to rowers approaching 90 years old!  We also have a significant variance in ability with many beginning rowers as well as some Olympic medalists.

We refer to ourselves as the Donut Club.  This name originated from our Friday tradition of doing a half workout at 6 a.m. followed by a coffee social on 17th street.  Perhaps you have seen us at one of the local coffee shops, we are easy to spot in our spandex for which we apologize.  On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday our group does an ERG workout at 6 a.m.  On Thursday and Sunday we head out on the water in organized boats.  We typically float our eight, quad, and doubles.  On Tuesday and Saturday we row in singles.  There are plenty of opportunities to get out on the water with other rowers of all abilities.  Our goal is to have fun, learn, develop our technical skills, and stay healthy and happy.

Please feel free to join us for a Friday morning workout.  The work out is easy and we follow it up by getting together for coffee and solving the world’s problems.  This is a great way to meet several rowers and assess if you might aspire to Donut Club Membership!

If you would like more information about the Men’s Masters Rowing program, feel free to reach out to Marc Foster.  UBSMARC@GMAIL.COM

Practice Days and Times:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday 6AM ERG workout in the NAC Boathouse

Tuesday 6AM rowing in singles

Thursday 6AM organized boats

Saturday 6:30AM  rowing in singles

Sunday 6:30AM organized boats

Price:  An Annual NAC Membership is required for everyone participating.


NAC Hours

Member Hours

Mon - Thurs: 6AM to 8PM
Fri: 6AM to 7PM
Last Boats / SUP's OUT @ 5PM
All Boats / SUP's DUE BACK @ 6PM
Saturday & Sunday: 6AM to 6PM
Last Boats / SUP's OUT @ 4PM
All Boats / SUP's DUE BACK @ 5PM

NAC Holiday Hours

Holiday Hours

  • Open New Year's Eve until 12 noon

  • CLOSED New Year's Day

  • Open the 4th of July till 3pm

  • CLOSED Thanksgiving Day

  • Open Christmas Eve until 12 noon

  • CLOSED Christmas Day

Contact Us

Newport Aquatic Center
1 White Cliffs Dr.

Newport Beach, CA 92660 

Phone: (949) 646-7725

Fax: (949) 646-8398
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